Nicola Askham

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Data Governance doesn't have to be complicated or hard to do. I help organisations design and implement successful Data Governance frameworks.

I was working for a major bank when I discovered data governance was what I wanted to specialise in. Having well understood, good quality data is the foundation of so many things. I found I could explain it in a way that meant not only was I excited by the possibilities it offered, but I could light up
a room of other people who wanted to get to grips with it.

Since then, I’ve worked a lot in the financial sector, publishing, higher education, and the public sector. Your data is valuable. It enables you to make key decisions with confidence. Having the right data, and ensuring it is good quality, is essential.

As well as working with organisations to engage their teams in data governance, I also bring data governance professionals together to learn from each other. I work with a number of associates and run regular gatherings with them to encourage them to grow and develop their own skills. I am on the board of DAMA UK, the Data Management Association, nurturing a community of data professionals and a well-known speaker about data governance on podcasts and at conferences.

As a Data Governance consultant with over 19 years experience of designing and implementing Data Governance Frameworks, I have developed a practical approach that takes you through all the steps needed to be able to successfully design and implement a Data Governance Framework that is right for your organisation.

I help Data Governance Teams across all industries and sectors. I train, coach and provide consulting support for my clients, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to implement Data Governance successfully, including specialised focus on the soft skills essential to achieving a supported and sustainable data governance framework.

I’m passionate about helping you be successful with your Data Governance initiative.

Working with me you have access to my 19 years of experience managing successful data governance implementations in a range of companies (in Insurance, Banking, Higher Education, Utilities, Media, Defence, Retail and Technology).

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