Product Backlog Management Skills

Professional Scrum - Product Backlog Management Skills

Welcome to a comprehensive journey into the world of Scrum’s Product Backlog Management. This course is meticulously designed to equip participants with the expertise to understand their product’s essence, master the Product Backlog, engage effectively with stakeholders, promote transparency, and make data-driven decisions.

With sessions ranging from stakeholder motivations to the intricacies of the Product Backlog and empirical decision-making, attendees will gain invaluable insights, irrespective of whether they’re Product Owners, Scrum Masters, or Product Managers.

The curriculum, rooted in real-world scenarios, ensures immediate applicability in professional settings.

Upon completion, attendees will be eligible for the Professional Scrum Product Backlog Mastery assessment, marking a significant milestone in their Scrum journey.

This Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills will be delivered as 4 sessions of 4h over 4 week(s), via Microsoft Teams and Mural!

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Learning Objectives:

  • Product Essence Comprehension: Dive deep into the core of your product. Understand not just its features, but its soul, its purpose. By the end of our sessions, you’ll have a panoramic view of your product, its goals, and the strategic roadmap to achieve them.

  • Product Backlog Proficiency: The Product Backlog is more than just a list; it’s a strategic tool. Learn to craft, refine, and sequence it in a manner that aligns perfectly with your product’s vision and stakeholder expectations.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Mastery: Stakeholders are the compass by which a product navigates. Master the art of identifying, understanding, and communicating with them, ensuring their needs and insights are woven into the fabric of the Product Backlog.

  • Championing Transparency: In the world of Scrum, transparency isn’t just a value; it’s a guiding principle. Discover how to make your Product Backlog a beacon of clarity, ensuring all involved parties have a clear and unified vision.

  • Empirical Decision Making: In an ever-evolving market, decisions grounded in empirical data can be the difference between success and stagnation. Learn to harness this data, turning it into a competitive advantage.

Course Format

The Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills is broken into 1/2 day live virtual sessions delivered over Microsoft Team and Mural. These 1/2 day sessions may be offered in full-days or half-days over one or more weeks, depending on this class’s format, described below in the “Learning Experience” section.

Each 1/2 day live virtual session delivered by one of our lean-agile practitioner instructors is divided into learning blocks, each with presentations and lectures in the form of videos, reading material, and writing activities provided for self-study that complement the live session.

Key Features of Immersion Training Classes:

  • Incremental Classroom Learning: In Immersion Training, classes are concise, live sessions spanning several weeks. Each session introduces and practices a new concept, allowing students to digest the material at a comfortable pace and ensuring a deep understanding before moving forward. Sessions are capped at 4 hours to keep learners engaged and to foster an effective learning environment.

  • Outcome-Based Assignments: These assignments, tied to each classroom session, are designed to directly apply the concepts learned. They focus on outcomes rather than outputs, catering to a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. The emphasis is on innovation and boundary-pushing, not just completion, making the assignments relevant for both new and seasoned learners.

  • Facilitated Reflections: After the initial session, each class starts with a reflection period. Here, students and their Professional Scrum Trainer discuss the assignments, sharing challenges and successes. These sessions are vital for learning, encouraging peer interaction and actionable feedback, and fostering collective growth and understanding.

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