GDPR made clear for small businesses and third sector

GDPR made clear for small businesses and third sector

This one day course is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of data protection.

It provides an overview of all the main elements of the GDPR and compliance, together with some practical exercises to ensure understanding.

This training is aimed at attendees with little or very basic knowledge of the GDPR and how their organisation can comply with the legislation. The intended outcome of the workshop is for attendees to have a clearer understanding of the basic requirements of the GDPR and to understand how to comply with them. For example, it is important to be aware that transparency is a requirement, but knowing this is not very helpful unless you actually know how to write a privacy notice.

Course dates:

▸Thursday 21st March 2024 (10.00-16.00)
▸Tuesday 16th April 2024 (10.00-16.00)

Get in touch if you think an in-house course might be suitable for you. The price for the in-house workshop is £950.

➡️Contact Tim for availability and further details about the course, or to discuss delivering it privately to your team.

Benefits of in-house private training:

  • Convenient – Programmes can be presented at a time that is suitable for all your participants.

  • Confidential – Your opportunity to openly discuss real issues in order to produce real and applicable solutions with our training team.

  • Tailored – Programmes designed to meet the specific requirements of your company or organisation. This means we can ensure the content is specific to your sector or needs

  • Team Work – Greater interaction and enhanced learning experience.

  • Cost Savings – The costs to your organisation are considerably less than sending a large number of participants to a scheduled course.

Workshop Program

  • Introduction and background to the GDPR

  • What is the Data Protection Act?

  • Definitions and data protection principles

  • Legal basis of processing, including consent

  • Transparency and privacy notices

  • Data subject rights

  • Security issues and data breaches

  • Data sharing – joint controllers and processors

  • International transfers and the cloud

  • Accountability / documentation requirements

  • Personal data audit/Records of Processing Activities

  • Data protection audit

  • Exercises and discussion:

  • Questions


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very knowledgeable trainer who put the information across well. - Operations Manager - West Lea School

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A really useful walk through the regulation. - Susan Peart, Solicitor, Scottish Social Services Council

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The course covered a lot of relevant content. We spent time going through things properly and I now have the resources to help me in the future. Thanks Tim! - Lorraine Hawkins, Director, River Dee Trust

Timezones Covered:
PST [GMT-8:00]
EST [GMT-5:00]
MET [GMT+3:30]
IST [GMT+5:30]
SST [GMT+8:00]
ACST [GMT+9:30]