What Is Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

A practical introduction to Data Literacy and what it means for you.

Are you concerned about the level of data literacy in your team or organisation?

Do you find it difficult to understand and explain what value data literacy could bring to your organisation?

The first steps are always the most difficult in any journey and data literacy is no different.

Building data literacy among your teams and individuals is vital to improving the quality of the data, building more confidence in the data and making better, faster decisions based on that data.

There is a vast amount of material around data literacy, different definitions and perspectives on what it is and involves. Sometimes it is difficult to take practical steps towards understanding how data literate your organisation is, against the backdrop of other priorities. As well as that, often senior stakeholders don’t understand the issue and why it is important.

Data literacy means so many things to so many people and yet only you can really decide what it means to you and your organisation. To do that you need to understand the basics of the topic and how to apply them.

Why not join our What is Data Literacy and Why is it Important Course to get an overview and practical steps that you can take.

This 90 minutes course has been designed and is delivered jointly with one of my Senior Data Governance Coach Associates, Justin York.

Between us we have over 40 years’ experience of working with data. We understand the issues around data literacy and more importantly how that may affect other disciplines in the wider topic of data management.

The course consists of three modules with a total time of 90 minutes.

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If you complete this training you will get:

  • A clear view of what data literacy is and how it could benefit you and your organisation.

  • A simple approach introducing data literacy, its importance, data analytics and how you might adopt it in your organisation.

  • An understanding of how it could be used to build better understanding of your data and give you the potential to be more competitive and productive.

  • You’ll understand that one size rarely fits all and you need to drive the topic almost constantly to improve the uptake and extract the benefits.

About the course

Module 1:
In module 1 you will be introduced to the concept of data literacy, what makes it important to your organisation, the principles of data literacy, who should be data literate and the benefits that you can get from this approach.

Module 2:
In Module 2 you will be introduced to the concept of analytics, what makes it important that we have analytics, how it can be used, the methods / techniques that are commonly used with some examples. In addition, you will see an example of a decision framework and how decisions are taken around the outputs of analytics.

Module 3L
In module 3 we will discuss the adoption of data literacy in your organisation; the fact that your business culture plays into adoption in a major way and that this might not be as simple as you may think. In addition, we will discuss the concept of organisational maturity to accept data literacy and how you might improve the uptake if you introduce it.

Who is it for?

Data literacy is important for everyone so the course is open to anyone that feels that they need to gain an understanding of the concept of data literacy.

All attendees will get a copy of the slides that are used on the modules for their reference.

Timezones Covered:
PST [GMT-8:00]
EST [GMT-5:00]
MET [GMT+3:30]
IST [GMT+5:30]
SST [GMT+8:00]
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