Getting more out of Agile and Lean - Workshop

Getting more out of Agile and Lean

In this 1- or 2-day workshop you will experience agile and lean practices for teams and stakeholders with advice on how to deploy them, and tips and tricks to become more agile and lean.

You will learn practices for teams and their stakeholders to develop the right products, deliver faster, increase quality, and create happy high performing teams!

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Many organizations are going through agile transformations. They are implementing Scrum and maybe large scale agile frameworks like SAFe, LeSS or DAD, hoping to better serve the IT needs of the business and to develop products that satisfy their customer’s needs.

Unfortunately those transformation do not always live up to the agile promise of delivering faster, better products that customers really like or reducing the IT costs. As a result, many organizations are not getting the expected business benefits out of Agile.

Replacing processes doesn’t make an organization Agile. You need to apply agile or lean practices, with an agile mindset. Be able to pick those practices that help your teams and stakeholders to do a better job. Practices that you can use in the planning game and your daily stand-ups with your Scrum and Kanban boards, for your product reviews/demos and in your agile retrospectives.

This workshop is intended for:

  • Technical (team) leaders and Scrum masters

  • (Senior) Developers and Tester

  • Product Owners and Project/Line Managers

  • Agile and Lean Coaches

  • Anybody involved in agile transformations

What will you get out of this workshop

The practices in this workshop will help you to develop the right products for your business and customers, reduce your delivery time, increase the quality of your software products, and create happy high performing teams.

  • Practice working with Agile and Scrum/Kanban: planning, daily stand-ups, product reviews and retrospectives

  • Find out how to deal effectively with impediments

  • Learn how to assess your agility and travel your agile journey

  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication in teams and between teams and stakeholders

  • Learn tips and tricks to improve your agile way of working

  • Get advice on selecting and applying agile and lean practices effectively


“The workshop Getting More out of Agile and Lean was really interesting. I specially liked the product owner and team exercise, the impediment game and the 1-word retrospective that we did. I learned when and how I can use them in my daily work.” - Bill Souliotis – Manager Software Research & Development Graphics User Interface at BETA CAE Systems

“I attended Ben’s workshop in Athens (Getting More out of Agile and Lean) and I can highly recommend it to all professionals that are serious about Scrum and about applying agile processes in real-world problems of software development. Especially for Product Owners and for Scrum Masters, this training will help you and your organisation evolve to the next level. Thank you, Ben!” -
Konstantinos Vasileiou – Certified Product Owner | Senior Business Analyst

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