Graham McLeod

Graham provides enterprise and business architecture services including training and consulting, and products including frameworks, models and software tools.

He is a thought leader in Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Modelling, Business Architecture, Process Modelling, Methods Engineering and integrated Business and I.T. Strategy. He is a frequent guest and keynote speaker, and has been invited to present at various international universities and professional bodies as well as Microsoft Modelling group in Redmond.

Graham is the owner and chief architect of (established in 1991), and is an exceptionally experienced architect, trainer, consultant, modeller, author and business executive.

He has in depth I.T. knowledge derived from academic study and teaching, software development, project management, design, architecture and engagement with many clients and industries spanning 40 years.

Graham has first-hand insight into business as well. He is an entrepreneur, started multiple companies, acted as general manager and served as chief technology officer, chief executive, board member and board chairman.

Graham has consulted to over 70 major organisations, including leaders in Assurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, Energy, Education, Software and Consulting.

He is the author of five textbooks and many academic papers and articles. He is the architect of the Enterprise Value Architect collaborative enterprise modelling platform, the Inspired Holistic Architecture Language and various advanced modelling techniques.

Graham has developed and taught over 70 courses to date. He has taught thousands of professionals now practicing as architects in SA, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Nigeria, Middle East and Malaysia.

Graham is currently pursuing a PhD in Design and Support of Effective Visual Languages for Enterprise Modelling.

He is an inspiring teacher and loves sharing knowledge, techniques, insights and inspirations with students.

What differentiates my courses? Unique organisational expertise and instructors.

I have been engaged in delivering Enterprise Architecture (EA) work as a consultant and practitioners since 1989.

I have developed unique EA capabilities, techniques and expertise in integrating the TOGAF® standard with other methods, including Archimate®, and produced integrated meta models to provide TOGAF® and Archimate® capabilities within EA toolsets.

I understand EA in depth, having been involved in scores of projects locally and internationally across a wide range of industries including finance, assurance, retail, telecommunications, services, healthcare, government, education, manufacturing, software, energy and media.

I have developed TOGAF® accredited training, licensed as a TOGAF® services provider, and have created certified support in EA tools.

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